The arts help students develop life skills such as teamwork, tolerance, and self-confidence.

Unlock your child's ability to achieve.

It’s a proven fact: arts education brings out BIG things in Texas students. CEO-worthy leadership skills. Outstanding success in school. A deep and impactful sense of wonder.

The arts also generate $5.5 billion for the Texas economy. That means better opportunities for your child, and a more prosperous Texas for your children’s children.

Yes, it’s a proven fact: ART CAN. And together, we can ensure a bright arts-fueled future for our state – and your child.

Are you all in for your child? Get involved.


15% higher pass rates on standardized tests
1/2 as likely to drop out of school
Less discipline problems, higher attendance
2x as likely to attend college

Arts Education in Texas: The Big Picture

We've got a ways to go.

Take a closer look at arts access in every Texas school district.

Through our State of the Arts Map, you’ll discover that some Texas schools make the grade, going above and beyond when it comes to arts education. But many others just aren’t there yet. We know Texas can do better.

You can get us there.

1) Put your child’s school to the test. Visit our State of the Arts Map

2) Take action. Write a letter to your school board or legislature

3) Watch your child succeed. 


Make sure your child’s school offers an expansive arts education.

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